MM xp increment cap

Lower the xp increment cap to something like 52 instead of 82, to make leveling up just a bit faster. I don’t think increasing the coin xp cap was the way to go, because it makes “sweaty” players pick up coins with no interest of killing the murderer so they could get more xp. Oh geez I’m not gonna be ready to defend this idea yet

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I don’t think they can just lower the xp cap without major difficulties and problems and bugs and such

As I don’t play mm I will leave the ones who do to pick apart whatever was said after the first part

I don’t think it should cause any big problems, they changed the xp levels on bridge twice. The only thing I can remember was people upset that they lost levels, this would increase some players levels, anyone above level 51.

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Oh ok, I didn’t know about that, ty for the info

ngl, the leveling rn is super balanced. One thing hive could do is make the super and special coins appear more frequently as the round goes on to balance out them making them super rare and not spawning for the first minute. However, I dont think changing the level cap is the right move.

From a technical perspective, we can’t adjust XP variables, as it would retroactively apply to all current leveling. Instead, it’s better to balance the actions (and amounts) that grant you XP within the game.

I believe we have already made strides towards improving MM leveling with the recent update, but a future survey will ask the greater community for their opinions. We’ll then use that data to adjust further as needed.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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