MM Targets | Gameplay Additon

I saw someone say on the discord that PE players couldn’t put down their bow once they have the arrow aimed and ready to fire. This is my suggestion to try and help those players out in a way:

Add targets. My idea of targets:
Targets would be on the wall of a map every now and again, and you would be able to shoot the target and if you hit it, your arrow would return to you.

Additional thoughts/ optional functionalities:

  1. Innocents/ Sheriff: Make it to where if you hit the center of the target, then you get maybe a coin or possibly xp.
    1. a. Obviously, this could be quite exploited, so a cooldown would fix this.
  1. Innocents/ Sheriff: Make it to where the further away you are from the target, the more coins/ xp you get.
  2. Murderer: I’ve been thinking of some way to add a functionality to this for killers, but the best thing I could think of is that the killers would be able to break the targets with their swords to prevent innocents from getting additional coins/ xp.
  3. Murderer: Another functionality would be for the murderer to use their throwable on the target. Maybe the throwable would break it? I don’t think the murderer needs to be playing with targets too much- he’s got a bit of another job on his hands :relieved:
  4. General: Have the looks of the targets customized to which map they are in/ which environment in the map they are in, but still have them recognizable.

Keep in mind, the point of this idea is to help out PE players with their bow issue, and to also make the game overall more interactive with all players. I would love to hear any thoughts and feedback on my idea, but please keep in mind the main point of this idea!

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100% agree with this, i like the ideas.


@BootheBoys this should be put in #games:suggestions in order to gain votes :dab:


thanks, moved it over!


this is a great idea!