Mm new idea

So i think that in mm the murderer can sab kinda like amogus and the innocent have to fix it like when light’s turn of you will be given a flashlight but still have to fix the lights i hope you put this into

That is what the sword is for

That would be too op

In conclusion: the hive is not amongus


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Like @cupcsr said, Murder Mystery is not Among Us. It’s not like Hive to ‘copy’ or take one gameplay from another. Although a good idea, this is sadly a dupe. :frowning_face:

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Yeah, cupcsr and SuchabunYT have great points. Also, the new back rooms map basically does that, but you don’t fix them; there’s a time limit :clock1:.

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I will say no more as this would be repeating everyone but I do agree that this wouldn’t be added.

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