MM Idea: /Proximity

  • okay so I have an idea for murder mystery. if you wan’t a more realistic feel and not here kills all over you would use /proximity. /proximity can also help you catch who the imposter is from how loud the kill noise is. so basically its just gives a more cooler feel to the game and makes it more realistic.

  • 10 Blocks away / 5% Volume

  • 8.5 - 8 Blocks away / 10% Volume

  • 7 - 6.5 Blocks away / 20% Volume

  • 6 - 5 Blocks away / 35% Volume

  • 5 - 4 Blocks away / 55% Volume

  • 3.5 - 2 Blocks away / 80% Volume

  • 1.5 - 1 Block away / 100% Volume

  • Different Angles of movement can change the volume from 0-3% louder, the more closer to another block forward of you are can change the volume from 1-5% louder. The more closer you are to a block behind you can also effect the volume and change it lower. Any movement other players or anything that can make noises can change the volume 1-10% lower. The murderers can use their throwable to make less noise. Meaning kills go quieter by 25%.

If I got the definitions of Proximity wrong please tell me so I can change it to something else :blush:

  • Anyways, Thank you for listening with me and I’ll see you next time!

Viraire :beedance: :beedance: :cubee: :cubee: :beedance: :beedance:

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Using a command for something like this sounds too much work. Maybe with an item in your hotbar would be better.

But I don’t have any idea about if this would be a good feature or not.

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both could work tbh! just this could be a good idea for people who want to feel a better experience. It could help for people also by who the murderer is!

Since this could give someone an advantage or disadvantage, I think it shouldn’t be a toggle and instead always on (if it was added)

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I really want this implimented but knowing that murderer is by far the hardest role they’d need to buff murderer in some way to balance the massive amounts of information you’d get from this.

yeah that seems good also!

Just so you know, most people on the forums will entirely disagree that the hive should add new games over updating old ones lol

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That doesn’t really help the discussion. Also, Hive has recently added 4 new gamemodes. I think it’s time existing ones got some more love.

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Bruh you don’t make up most of the people on the forums lol
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