Mistakes in party invitations

hello, I would like to ask you to fix a bug, when you send me an invitation to the party it doesn’t appear and turns around, it never appears, I ask you to resolve it because I love playing on this server and for me it is the best in bedrock, however, when I’m playing with aigs and I’m forced to go to cubecraft because I can party there, save from Brazil.

Hey there :wave:

Thank you for taking the time to submit a bug report! Unfortunately, we can’t process your report as the format hasn’t been followed and some required information has been missed.

Are you unable to access the invite from your party menu or is there an error when trying to accept it once you see it in your menu or the chat? Please include these details in your next report.

If you are still experiencing this issue, please resubmit your bug report making sure to use the template, and provide all the requested information.

Stay safe and well