Mirror Mode•-•

So basically based off my brothers gameplay•-•
He is fairly young and likes to build castles etc, so someway to setup mirror ends would be kinda nice

Basically have the option to have your build platform cut in half, what you place on 1 side will also be mirrored on the other side•-• making builds a lil bit easier and allowing more time to build details

Odd but I like it.

I know what you mean but idk how Hive will implement this.


Shouldnt be too difficult i can run a simple command through a command block in creative mode, and get the same basic idea goin•-•

The use of tools like this to help builds is actually a really good idea. I’d say a lot of the just build community would love it. A lot of map builders and such use a lot of tools too so it would be cool if Hive could add some. People already make amazing builds as it if, this could save some time!

E.g. /floor is a tool.
All of this probably calls for a seperate suggestion :smiley:

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