Minigame Idea: Workshop Madness

Minigame: Workshop Madness

The game works like this: You have to create a specific item given to you. You have all the items needed to create it, such as crafting tables, furnaces, etc. You also have tools to gather materials from across your workshop, (pickaxes for ores, etc.) The way players get eliminated is by being the last one to finish the item. The winner is the last one standing.

There are multiple gamemodes, Solos, Duos, Or Trios.

Thanks for reading and I hope this minigame gets into the Hive. :smiley:

Maybe really diffuclt blocks and custom blocks and then construct stuff

Also can you use AI to create stuff in MCBE and just use certain icons like in infinity craft

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thank you for your reply!

This sounds pretty cool, but it kind of reminds me of an old game (not on the Hive)… but I don’t know which one. Voted

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Your pfp confuses me i thought you were sad while i was reading your message even tho its got an !

This reminds me of the Winterfest 22 Event where you had to help Santa build presents

It really was fun so you got my vote!


Is it Minerware on CubeCraft?


No, more like some old game from a Java server, idk which one though.

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