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More parkour revards

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Each game has its own parkour, or even several. It would be great to add rewards for completing them! But if you went through one easy parkour and immediately received a reward, it will be too cheap and it will not make any sense. For this, it would not hurt to make a collection of pieces for one big reward, like for a holiday. If you add one reward for completing all parkours, on all mini-games, then when updating the server and adding a new mini-game, beginners will have to pass more parkour than people who have already played and received a reward, and this is not fair. To fix this, I suggest adding several awards, let’s say it will look like this: * * the player passed 3 different parkours and got the first one, then he passed 2 more and in General it turned out that he passed 5 parkours and got the next award, and so on**. You can come up with rewards yourself, the main thing is that parkours in mini-games are not meaningless. (All of the above does not apply to the main parkour in the hub)

Kinda sounds like funn. :beedance:

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Sounds like a great idea

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Creative idea, however my only issue is that the lobby parkour isnt too hard, I’m not seeing this as much of a challenge :frowning:


I mean, you have a time limit for it, which balances that out. The award can just be disabled for custom servers and once the game starts. Plus, it can be a small reward like a hubtitle that shows how many you completed(if it’s possible)

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Yeah! You’re right! The cs will say “can only be picked up in a real game”

This is an excellent idea. Except most of the lobby parkours are much too long to be completed within the 20 second time limit. Most of the ones I’ve completed, I did in custom servers.


The thing about that is like 90% of the time you can’t finish it due to game starting

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when was the last time hive made a parkour that could be finished within 20 seconds

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The treasure wars parkour is easily done by me on pe in 8 secs.

Sw is difficult tho :o


yeah both of the twars parkours are really easy

and the sw green parkour is doable too

but you need a little extra time to get to h&s parkour

and deathrun parkour takes about 15-20 seconds


The idea is good, but the parkour is very small and easy to go through + there will be no time to go through the parkour. Before starting the game, you need to put yourself in order and prepare to take first place in the top.

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this has been suggested before (by me xD ) and it got closed but i cant find the link hehe

but i do feel this should be added

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