Minemen is copying Hive


Recnetly i logged onto minemen, (a popular java pvp server) and found they have added a new game survival games. I hopped in a first map, a copy of the hive sg map SG4 or whatever it is with the tall buildings. I think that this may be a violation of copyright etc and the hive owner or staff should hear about it. the ip for minemen is (minemen.club)

More information:

this is urgent

Ok everyone calm down
First of all please provide an image so we can at least see it

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Hey there,

SG4 is a very old Survival Games map that is on many servers, we use it as we have the license for it. The map on our server is a revamp done by the Hive Build Team (formerly known as Team Nectar), not the original SG4

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Oh ok! Just wondering.Glad to get an answer