Minecraft Ultimate in Survival Games

I wish to see the Survival Games have like a Minecraft Ultimate.

I you haven’t heard of Minecraft Ultimate then its just basically a normal Survival Games but the players arent limited to 24 only.

If it will be implemented, I hope that the player limit is atleast 100. Bigger arenas, more chests, and many more twists.

Thank you and I hope it get noticed. (sorry for my bad english)

I like where your coming from, but this idea will in fact cause a ton of lag for the server.

plus, with a smaller player limit, more games can queue, and the games will be a lot shorter.

In no way am I saying this is a terrible Idea, but this server is kinda called “Hive Minigames” and 100 players wouldn’t exactly be “Mini”

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Welcome to the forumes don’t forget you can vote for your own ideas :wink:

And some streamer host a cs with more players than normal but yes a bigger sg experience would be fun seeing its not the most popular game I don’t know it the player count would turn out how you would expect maybe hive might add a bigger sg game mode in the future sometime with more loot and bigger areans but I do think this is a good idea!

I see your point but bigger the size bigger the lag as so many players would play lol

This would take forever to queue.

Normal SG peaks at around 700ish players, and on non peak times it doest get above 150.

With 100 players per game, this would take wayt to long to queue.

Ooo great idea, but 100 is such a large number! Lag would surely be a big issue other than, you know, queuing. :0