Membership and tutorials on the hive youtube channel

The hives YouTube channel doesn’t have a join button

**They should set one up so that people can buy monthly memberships for ingame perks like a ‘Awesome Member’ hub title or a hive youtube channel skin. The hive channel should also be used for tutorials on how to get verified on the discord ect and updates to keep fans notified!


Imo this is terrible because its hard to verify if you joined the channel membership

I saw some people dm-ing staffs in other servers about the membership role and guess what will happen if hive did that

They will be wasting their time in the verification instead of making more content and updates

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for the how to verify its just an easier way to tell people how to get verified so that they can talk on the discord and they can use a bot to auto give the role

It will still be hard because I never saw a bot that can check the channel’s members page

If it is possible, im not sure if the hive will add this

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Hive is not active on their official YT channel so it is very unlikely they will ever add this.

I like this idea since I really dislike how the youtube channel has been abandoned since the collector’s bundle for SkyWars came out. The channel is a great way to let people know when new upsates are out, since they can hit the bell for notifications! I usually don’t know there has been an update until I check the discord, and not even every Hive fan uses Discord.