Maybe a parkour thingy

Okay like I said before I’m not good at explaining not that I’ve explained much of anything lol.

But it’ll be like a teleport thing up around the tw, sw teleports. And you can choose from a bunch of different parkour maps. (Like teleported to a different lobby specifically for the parkour) and you can choose from like difficulty and such.
Checkpoints could be a thing and a item in the holt bar (idk what it called) that can take you to your last checkpoint or all the way back to the beginning, and of course one to go back to hub and the parkour lobby.

And the last thing (I think) would be if you like fall down to like the floor, (off of the parkour) there could be like water, or just floor and it would send you back to your last checkpoint.

I apologize if this is confusing guys.
Please suggest edits to this respectfully and have a lovely day! :slight_smile: :upside_down_face:


This sounds like a pretty good idea! Great work! :blobheart: you have my vote :beedance:

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Dang that was quick lol thanks


We definitely need more fun stuff to do and I think parkour would be great!


Thanks glad you like the idea! 709592809497428029

idk the hub parkour is difficult enough that most people would take quite a bit to get up to the top, and there is plenty of weird and unique spots throughout the hub that you could try and get to

its an interesting idea, but like there are other things that I would rather see hive put development time towards, but thats just me

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Hmm, I guess this is okay. But the fact that Hive game lobbies are like, 20-30 seconds to wait for, I’m not sure if there would be enough time to finish one parkour.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love the idea. :slightly_smiling_face:

Alright so what I mean is that you go to. A different hub and it’s not timed. You can chose whatever parkour/difficulty you want without it being timed. This is simply for fun but there could be like yknow a little leader board saying like oh you have completed this many courses. And you would also be able to redo a course you have already done

So I did get my inspiration from another server but it was mainly shown from a YouTube I watched so this is mainly where I get the idea from.
If you want to see it in like actual detail since I can’t explain well.
The YouTube’s is like named keidboi I’m pretty sure. Now I’m not saying copy this exactly I’m just saying add a similar idea to it

I really like the idea of adding more parkour courses, but imo they should be just added to the main hub, instead of using more servers for parkour

Yeah Ik but idk the island is a little small for me. But it’s just an idea. Thank you for the feedback!