Max build height setting

In skywars custom servers, if you disable the max build height setting, you still take damage from play height.
My suggestion is to either automatically remove play height damage, or have an extra option in the menu to remove it. There isn’t much of a point of the max build height being removed if you still take damage


Agreed, I would want the extra option to remove it though so if I still wanted to have height damage I could.
Also, you can vote for your own idea :wink:
(I enjoy watching your content btw :heart:) and welcome! :beedance:

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Hello, Mr Stride lul! Welcome to the forums. This is a great idea! (Also I like your content, and I hope you get YT rank soon)


its really a good idea stride


btw your vids are very good

hmm… I thinked about it i wouldnt want this added sorry


I’m not one to talk though lol.

also yes this is a great idea, it is quite annoying because that setting is useless

yeah no fall damage is useless…

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This is an cool idea!