Marketplace: Wrong offer prices of Gift Tokens

Affected Service (Game name, hub, or global):
Gift Menu Shop (Tested in Europe) [Country: Germany]

What is the bug?
When buying Hat Gift Tokens / Accessory Gift Tokens you can choose between 1 (0.79,-) and 10 for the price of 8 (7.99,-)
But it’s not only the case that the offer of 8 for the price of 10 corresponds to the same price as 10 individually, no, you actually pay 9 cents more because if you multiply the 0.79,- times 10 you get to 7.90,-

So I think it would be nice if you fix the offer to 6.32,- so that you really only buy 10 for the price of 8.

Device(s) & Version
Win10/11 Laptop
Version 1.20.72

Screenshots and/or video:


Having looked into this some more, I can see that there is an issue here. I will flag this up to be looked into by our team.