Map Idea for TW

Hello! I’m pretty sure this is a bad idea but there should be a new map called “Blank Canvas” or something along those lines. It’s gonna be a squad only map, so keep that in mind.

Quick question: When you are building a base defence, do you hate it when an unbreakable flower or a stubborn block messes up all that symmetry or completely blocks you from having the base defence of you dream?

Description: Everything is going to be blank. There’s no trees, shrubs, flowers, or anything of the sort. Everything is basically an even level playing field. There’s no place to glitch through. There’s no place to hide. This is probs a map where it favors skills, in both building and pvp, more than any other map. Since void basing doesn’t exist anymore, why not every cheese strat? This concept allows people to go with their full potential of both building and pvp. You want to make an actual castle? Don’t worry, you can do that since there’s no blocks to stop you, maybe except for the shop dude. Any player would be able to change their island (above ground, obviously) just how they like it. You can literally build anything you want without having a single flower or bush ruin your day. The layout is a new concept in itself also (look at the image below, if it even shows up. I doubt it will).

This concept is just a thought experiment (i think). If this does get in (it probs wont), I’ll be very surprised. Also making this map won’t take too much work to do :wink:

This is what the layout is:

(sorry for the bad map quality)

Light Blue = Diamond gen
Light Green = Emerald gen
Light Orange = “Diagonal gateway to mid” island

I rarely play squads/trios, but if your defense is blocked off by blocks on the island, you’re probably spending too much time turtling up instead of going on the offensive


I wouldn’t personally be a big fan of a diagonal mid-rush, but I’d be fine with something like this

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This looks like Lectus, ngl, lol.

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I just build a one layer wool protection and rush everybody

this reminds me of skywars but it’s flat


yes i was about to say that’s skywars without diamond gen