Making a Ukrainian support something

I am very upset about what is happening in Ukraine and I feel like others are to. It would be nice if the hive created a hub title saying something like #Ukraine for free and it could be light blue and yellow. Or they could create some sling with Ukrainian t-shirts. Thank you for reading this.


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it sucks that it’s happening and im not against this idea at all, but i dont know if hive wants to get involved with something political and horrific like that.

it’s… a block game server meant for kids.

i think they should send a message (via Hivebot or whatever the robot in the hub is called) telling players to consider signing petitions for the benefit of Ukraine, if they can.


Are we promoting Ukraine, which is in the middle of war using a kids’ game?
(also idk if this is true about the war cuz I’m not usually watching the news, I just heard about it yesterday from my teacher)


Agreed with the statement its a kids game thou whats happening in ukraine is horrifying