Make waffle costume a thing

So I’ve been playing hive treasure wars for almost a year now, I play on a nintendo switch so I can’t get custom skins so the costumes really caught my eye, but I don’t think there’s a waffle costume which really disappointed me, none the less I kept playing but later it crossed my mind that I can make a post on the forums about this, and when I went on the Discord server and talked about this, before I was redirected to the forums, everyone liked the idea and told me post it on the forums, so after all the support I’m writing this, really hoping the hive team will make my dreams a reality, I would love a waffle costume and it would probobally be the first thing I spend money on if it does become a thing. I really love the hive and it’s a minor thing that I won’t be mad if it’s not added, let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Waffle costume, hehe. I’m sure creating a concept for the costume might help as well :eye::lips::eye:

Oh sorry, I’m kinda new to the forums and I’ve been on here a few times, okay thanks for the attention. I think it should basically be a waffle skin syrup on it and a perhaps a derp face or big sparkly eyes. Perhaps he could even have a nice dark blue outfit as it would a bit of contrast and variety to the color pallet making the design more appealing. For the hub title, I think you should make it waffles rule world in yellow then orange then yellow again. Perhaps you can give the costume sunglasses to match the summer theme, and put a waffle on a plate with fruits and syrup as the avatar. I hope that’s enough info, if not please let me know I’d be happy to design the costume if needed, and it would be great if this was added to Hive. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

oh boy it’s another person who wants a costume that relates to their name! Xwaffle_uwu


Okay I’m sorry, but what would change if my name was something like xPotato uwu, would the costume be more appealing? Like I understand what you’re saying, but I’m on nintendo switch and can’t import my own skin so I would really like to have this costume on Hive. If you really need me to I’ll change my name if that makes a difference XD

What’s happening is people want a costume that specifically appeals to them, whether or not other people want it. After @Orbixx’s costume was accepted, everyone seemed to want one that would match their interests. Plus this belongs in #suggestions:anything-else (you can change it by hitting the pencil icon after hitting the three dots on the original post).

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Ok thanks for letting me know, as I said I’m sort of new here. Anyways yes the costume does appeal to me, but would anyone suggest just a boring costume they don’t care about? I’ve also seen a lot of people who have waffle in their name and lots of people who like waffles, so it’s not just for me. Also, this forum is all about someone wanting something in the game, and others disagreeing. Making this post I just hoped that in the end, Hive did decide to add the costume. Anyways, I’ll likely stop responding to avoid arguments :slight_smile:

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