Make the throwable faster

Kinda self-explanatory
Just make the murderer’s throwable as fast as an innocent’s/sheriff’s zapper because it’s really easy to dodge a throwable but the zapper is faster than Lightning McQueen.

Its fine rn but maybe like a little speed upgrade would be nice but not as fast as a arrow shot from an innocent or a sheriff.

I really don’t see why not

Big fax
But very true, we need it faster than paint drying.

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The amount of strength you’d need to throw that thing at the speed of a fully charged arrow :sob:

Hive are kind enough to give Murderers ANY throwables. They’re supposed to use close range weapons over long range ones and this would probably turn MM into a bow duels game.


I mean, the murderer is supposed to be close range, but when it comes to sheriff and murderer, the sheriff most of the time just runs and runs, and they can just shoot from miles away, so the throwable definitely needs an upgrade.

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