Make the shower in toy house drop out somewhere

Upstairs In the map toy house, there is a bathroom

My idea is that you should be able to open the trapdoor in the shower (Either by coins or default) and be able to drop down to ground level

It would drop you out about here

Here is a view of the ceiling

This simple change would just make the map more interactive and could lead to more interesting games and escapes. Thanks for reading!


Really clever, definitely having my vote on this one.

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This would actually be really fun and make for a fast escape from the murderer, you’ve got my vote!

Also B U M P


I forgot I made this! Thanks for bumping it, and yes I think it would be a great change.


Whoa this would be so cool! Earned my vote and I really hope this is added

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I definitely like this idea

This would be Great Voted :cubee:

Wow, great idea

Wow yes! Very creative and useful :+1:

Bumping this too! It would add something special about this older map since most, if not all, the recent maps has had something unique about them. It keeps it up to date with the new generation of maps without having to change it up a lot. (Im meaning having it cost gold to use since all the new maps have something special you buy with gold)