Make the hive website not only just a fourrms

the hive website shows useful things such as the rules the players stats daily login streak the games on the server etc

This isn’t the hive website…
This is:
Hive Bedrock Edition (


What are you suggesting?

As a fat cat I approve of the player stats idea

changing this website to a control panel(not the fourms)

not the fourms one i mean the main one

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But the main one already does what you are describing


Yea here is the stats website

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And there is a rules page
They pretty much do have every game announced on their site.
And imo daily login streaks aren’t important enough to be on the hive site but that could be a whole different suggestion.

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Just to clarify, the Hive does have a rules page located on the support site, as well as monthly leaderboards that track individual and leaderboard stats and a homepage located here.

As for displaying loginstreaks on the website, a similar suggestion of adding a loginstreak leaderboard has been suggested here - Loginstreak leaderboards.

Although this particular suggestion is concerned with adding this information in-game, you’re more than welcome to contribute to the discussion by suggesting how the original idea can be improved upon (such as displaying that information on the website).

I’m going to go ahead and lock this thread now- please try to limit your suggestions to one per thread, and whenever you get the chance make sure to have a read of this - Suggestions Category - READ BEFORE POSTING

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