Make the Ender Pearls more obtainable in other ways


Make the ender pearls in SkyWars be obtainable by mining emerald ores.

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This idea could be a little bit better for players, since if you get ender pearls, you can just get to people a little bit easier, and the chances of getting ender pearls from emerald ores is the same as getting the Sword of Amber’s.

You currently get pearls from the normal chests, mid chests and the mystery chests. Making pearls drop from emeralds would mess up the rng even more than it already is.

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If it would come from an ore it would be goldore


Ender pearls won’t be added in emerald ores though, as emeralds only drops enchanted things. It could get added in gold ore though. But I won’t think it will get added.

yes, should be in goldore

I think this is a really good idea. Maybe the hive cam be creative and create there own ore which drops enderpearls. (really rare obviously)