Make the 2nd vote for the same map visible in chat

Make your 2nd vote for the same map visible.

Currently, when you vote for the same map twice, it will only appear with ‘You have voted for …’ once, rather than twice. This can be seen in the unlisted YouTube video below.
Sometimes I just don’t know if my vote went through. It will just simply make it clearer that I have voted twice.

Nice idea, some people don’t know they get double votes when they purchase hive+, so this will help with that!

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I thought the way it worked was that 1 vote would automatically be worth twice as much as a non hive+ vote, we don’t actually get to vote twice.
The description is kind of vague tho


So its not two map votes? I thought that you get 2 map votes seperately. That would be better I think :frowning:

No, you only vote for 1 map and it counts as 2.


A helper or someone more knowledgable should confirm but I think that’s how it works on the java server as well

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I am knowledgeable I think

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Orbi do you wanna edit/close this post o_o I think they should just add more clarification, which I agree with.

If thats how it works, I guess this can be closed then. I didn’t realise that’s how it worked, this is also how alot of people think it works.

@kaiurii / @maybeSheila, could you please confirm this and if so, the topic can be closed :slight_smile:


I can confirm what @Complx14443 and @vPleebs have said, but it would interesting if you could vote for 2 different maps