Make special titles


Ok so i want something like for murdering 200 people in total you get a title called the master murderer

More information:
For being the hero 200 times you get the title the mystery solver or maybe when you get a total of 1000000 gold in treasure wars you can get the title the millionare or something (i forgot the spelling lol) or as winning as the seeker 100 times you could get the master seeker

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To be honest this is a great idea! Take my vote


I think it’s a good idea but you have to remember that there are some stats we don’t actually track. For example, we probably don’t store the information on boombox usage to be able to offer a title for it


well what is with the quests? like use 10 boom box quest?

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It’s tracked specifically for quests, I don’t believe the information is saved altogether


Ok thanks for telling me!