Make Replay Cinema free

This seems like a terrible idea at first, with more cons than pros, but I think making replay cinema could be beneficial. My reasoning is the cheater review/reporting system. This feature is incredibly useful for flushing out cheaters, so the more people that have access, the more cheaters will get banned (at least from a statistical standpoint, this is true).

I know the Hive has to make money as well, revenue is a great thing and I have nothing against it, so my solution is a paid feature where something like the quest master can come into play, only being able to do 6 or 8 personal gameplay reviews per week, or only 6 or 8 cheater reports/reviews per day, and to review more or just to access other features, you have to get the Replay Cinema pass.

Obviously there are flaws with my proposal here, so if you can think of any, let me know, and I will try my best to create good reasoning against that claim, or if there is a major issue that can’t be retaliated against, this proposal can be put aside entirely.

To finish, also let me know what your general thoughts are on this, whether they’re good or bad, I do want to hear them!

If someone needs a gameplay clip for a YouTube video they could just use the free cheater report replay. It’s a nice idea but people would just abuse it. The report system saves the replay for the staff anyway (I think), so the people who need to see it will have access to it. :)


i think viewing the first 3 replays could be good, but for a different reason. Verifying reports could be one of them, but it could also be good to let players try replay cinema before paying for it, so they can be sure whether or not they want to buy it. Wasting money is one of the worst feelings in the world, after all.


I would assume that storing replays on the hive involves some sort of storage cost, and that’s why it’s a paid subscription, you can always use /report or use the /recentreplays command to find ids to report cheaters. I don’t thinking capping the amount of times you can use it as a free tier does anything, since I would guess the storage of the replays is the main cost anyway.

Also I don’t see the point of “verifying reports” anyway, I always try to report immediately after I run into a rule-breaker so I don’t forget the ign, and while the hive has gotten significantly better at banning discreet rule-breakers, they certainly aren’t perfect, and I know the game well enough where if I can’t be confident that someone is cheating, than hive certainly can’t be confident either. Bit of a unrelated tangent but I don’t find it difficult to determine who is/isn’t following the rules


Great idea man! I suck at making ideas.:thinking:


Idea: Every player is able to view the last game played, but can‘t safe it. This feature would be exclusive for replay pass users.


They’d never do that


I mean, replay cinema is supposed to cost money. Maybe make it to where there are some limitations?