Make Partner Program more inclusive

Add a smaller youtube rank with lower requirements like 1000 subs avg 500 views since smaller youtubers may never get the chance to get the proper youtube rank this could also be for the streamer and tiktok rank sicne it would make it more inclusive for smaller channels

it could be Youtube for 1k and Youtube+ for 5k ect or YT- and YT

sorry if this is a dupe

No, nah nope nope Noppety noppers

Already the rank is too common
And if anything they must increase the requirements

Maybe not increase the requirements but yea the rank is a bit common now

Honestly I stand fixed on my opinion

YouTube rank needs to be increased to atleast 10k subs and 5k views

As of right now, we have no plans to introduce an additional partner rank.

I’ve discussed previous suggestions that the requirements be increased here:

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