Make jump boost pads in deathrun fans

In deathrun instead of the emeralds that give jump boost, use the fans from the arcade hub. (like mailbot hq parkour)

It would just launch you up instead of giving the jump boost effect, as jump boost can also be annoying since you have to wait a second before you start sprint jumping.

That’s about it.

Edit: Idk if this would be bad for speedruns, so please tell me if it would

Liked this, I have many situations where I’m first but being dominated because my leap jumps are delayed when sprinting to it.

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Good idea
But a ‘fan’ won’t mix well with the surrounding theme of some maps
But It could be fixed by just re texturing the fans


Yeah, just something to launch you up. I think the emeralds can look a bit jarring aswell but maybe also a launchpad like the one at mid on ashram in CTF that goes straight up