Make diamond ore drop diamonds and add diamond armor into mid chests

Mid is very underpowered rn and this would make it actually good, like whats the point of risking going to mid just for a fire sword and kb weapon and a few snowballs

I have no idea what you guys think but in my opinion it is very ridiculous that staying at your island and going to neighbouring islands(for diamond ores) gives you the same armor as going to mid


I don’t agree that diamond ore should completely stop spawning armour, just lessen it. And while diamond ores drop armour and swords, they repeat the same item again.

It all depends on randomisation because I sometimes have gotten a diamond helmet with prot 1 from an emerald ore on spawn island. and we all know how protection enchants are broken on the hive

But it has never happened to me that I have gotten full diamond armour, a sword. Mid gives you most of the stuff + other ores that spawn more than they do on spawn.

Mystery Chests are also a good way of getting enchanted swords and more. :smiley: :+1:

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i think this is kinda smart actually, i think that crafting tables would be useful and make island loot less op. i also think they should add anvils and enchanted ore (emerald) should drop books, but they might have to use something other than books


there are islands between mid and your island which also have diamonds

The ender chests at mid already have diamond armour

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As stated above, diamond armor and swords can be found in the mid ender chests already, although they may not always be present or have been taken by someone else. I don’t believe the Hive will be adding diamonds as a drop anytime soon, as it is evident that they don’t intend to add a crafting system, at least for the time being.

Regardless, thank you for offering your suggestion. :slight_smile:

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