Make an open tournemant

Make a tournemant for all players not just youtubers and other content creators. It leaves small people out woth 0 or few subs out.

The tournemant would be for already existing games. It counl qlso as well as device partnerimg use win % categorising. It wouldnt need a new npc bjt use the new current ones and add a tournemant button the bottom.

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So are you suggesting on an announce that hive will make if there will be a public tournament where all players can enter or do you mean something else? And also what do you mean by


Just by clicking the npc snd entering tournemant mpde

Tournament Mode

Once every few months a random game tournament will activate. There will be a chance to gain rewards dedicated towards that game. Here is an example:

Hub Titles
{game} Tournament Winner {eventnumber}

Tournaments will have different categories like:

  • Wins
  • Most XP

Different sections = more variety of people winning (You can only have one category active at a time)

Prizes could be:

1st Place

  • Gold Crown (Pets)
  • Golden Champion (Costume)
  • Gold Crown (Avatar)
  • 1st Place
  • Free Pet (Get to choose)
  • 2x Costume Gift
  • 1x Hive+ Gift
  • 1000 QP

(You get the idea)

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Yes. I am not good with making suggestion. I agree but have less prizes for 2nd and 3rd and for devixe only competition making. So there could be ‘uncatagorised’ ‘console’ ‘mobile’ ‘PC’ (laptop also)
And ‘VR’

This to make it fair on controller players to have a chance against the pc sweats

Bedrock on VR? siccckkkkk duddddeeeeee


Okay… but what is the game??? Is it like treasure wars? Skywars? Bedwars? Give us more info plz. We need it.

No im not gonna say it.