Make a fun little bot to the HIVE Socials

You can add a Bot, similar to the Treasure wars mini bot. If you clicked it it will give you the links/Socials of the HIVE Server. Example : TikTok, Instagram. YouTube, Twitter etc.

It will help the people to find out the Socials and give a small self promo.

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Don’t forget to vote on your suggestion :grinning:
And also When you enter a server You’re going to get a message in chat It says fallow our Instagram, tiktok Twitter…

But it’s a good suggestion you got my vote


True, but this feature would be a good add on to Social Features list. The message comes in time stamps and then are problems like chat mute, etc. I like this suggestion, voting.


/socials would become a pog command.


Bump…why is this not added.

/socials would be a nice command to have

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/links is a thing, maybe they could add them onto there.