Make a costume or hub title when you gave 5 gifts or more


I think that there’s a lot of generous people on this server that like to gift things, including myself, I think there should be a costume, hub title, avatar for when you’ve gifted a certain amount of gifts.
More information:

I think that this would be nice to see and not to hard to do and I think the hub title « The gifter » would be cool and avatar of a gift would be cool but that’s all the Hive’s choice!

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Did you mean the gifter?


No, they meant the grftir.

In all seriousness, I think this idea is pretty good. I also gift a lot of costumes, and this would be a nice little reward from the Hive

Maybe the costume could be based off the little NPC that opens the gift menu (don’t know what it’s called)

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Yes this seems cool!
Would you like me to do the hub title? I’m good with making those!

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