LOWER amount of BLOCKS (increase tactical play)

Currently, players are given 128 blocks at the start of each round, and no more blocks can be earned per round. The amount of blocks given discourages player interaction at higher “ELO” and promotes high cps rather than tactical uses and maneuvers with the blocks provided. As a solution I propose the blocks given should be reduced to either 24 each round (with more being earned on respawn or per unit time) or 48 blocks given each round (not regenerating). This would encourage players to make calculated decisions on the placement of their blocks, but still let “block spamming” be a viable strategy in certain moments of play without it being the primary strategy used. Additionally, by having blocks regenerate (per time, respawn or kill) rounds could escalate in block use but only of each party is unable to make progress on the score. So if a player were able to end or delay a round before many blocks could/could not come into play then the magnitude of blocks placed would be dependents of the players’ own decision making and execution thereby providing deeper and more elaborate gameplay. Seeing as this change would alter the current meta significantly It may be appropriate to phase in these changes, for example reducing the block count to 64…48…32…ect and experimenting with the regeneration times and or methods of blocks. The Bridge certainly has great potential, but it must be refined from its current state to become a truly great game worthy of representation on the Hive network.

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How will you bypass down with 16 blocks smh

Perhaps more blocks would be provided as 16 is not necessarily a final number, but there are items available such as the leap and snowball that can allow players to use less blocks to bypass player hence allowing more out-plays that dont revolve directly around placing mass amounts of blocks.