LoginStreak and Replay Pass

For a Certain Ammt, of LoginStreak You’ll get a Short Replay Pass

So, For every 30day LoginStreak you’ll be Rewarded a 1day Replay Pass.
Not only will it be benificial for the broke/struggling creators, People Logging in the server will be more frequent, and No they won’t just be Logging in then logging out Just for the Loginstreak because, Of what Purpose would the reward be if they didn’t play for awhile like. What would they be replaying if they just log in&log out for 30days straight. they gotta have clips if they were willing to log in for 30days straight just for a 1Day Replay Pass.

30day LoginStreak=1day ReplayPass
Good For Struggling/Broke Content Creators.
Server more active because they want the pass.
They will be playing in the server so there will be something to actually replay.
So No Log in&Log Out People Because Replay is Useless if you don’t play games.
all I see is a Big WinWin Situation, Content Creators=Free Promoters.

Builds up

Can activate when you want

Not automatic


I already have replay but ill vote anyways