Login Streak: More time

SO, I have always had an issue with the login streak. If I stopped playing at 5pm one day and go on just ONE min. later the next day, I lose my streak. So, what I am suggesting, is that the login streak is made to reset in 48-hour intervals, or at least every 36 hours.

This actually isn’t how login streaks work; login streaks reset at midnight in the UTC timezone, so as long as you log in before this time each day, you will keep your streak.

You can view more information about login streaks here:

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What timedoes the login streak reset in the philippines

7:00 am I think, you can just look it up lol

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Thanks didn’t know this was a thing!!!

Its 8:00 am

Unless if earth spins slower so we can have more than 24 hours I think hive will not add this for over a billion years.

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