Lock all skins in Murder Mystery


In MM, only the murderer has his/her skin locked. The idea is to lock everyone skins, in order to avoid confusions (players trying to guessing and use deduction to find who could be the murderer), and this way making the game more clean.

This would be great. Also, I think there’s a bug where if you change your skin as Murderer, it doesn’t actually update next round.

Personally i don’t like this as this allows for 3rd parties to help by telling survivors the killers skin instead of it be changeable and also can lead to targeting by players

To make a game great, you have to make it clever and logical. If I understand your post correctly, it would allow to know who could be the murderer because he’s the only one who can’t change it. That’s not fun : that’s removing the deduction fun of MM by cheating in some way. There is already the bow, and also the noise and position of graves, that what make the deduction side and interest of MM.

Targeted by players is also part of the game. Like I said in my previous post, this make players learn by being more carefull and focused on their decisions and guessing, to not act too quickly. Just how many time I saw an innocent equipped, even myself, shooting someone else by false deduction. By the way, having winners and people losing are part of a game, it makes it alive, makes people learn, and should not be subject of shame or hate.

And even if there were cross-teaming, that would be against the rules, and everybody who has common sense and community spirit know about it, it’s in the rules. Just polish like with a board game : make it clean, simple, logic so it can be fun.

Sorry, my post is a bit longer, but I saw these days several posts to answer ideas, that just defy the common sense and use cheap ways that are similar to cheat in order to play a game, rather than just normal mecanisms. That’s like when in Dixit, where players have to play a picture card for a subject he gives, in order to not be guessed by others but not too obscure either, some players play cards they know their friends will play with because knowing tastes : that’s losing the essence of the game itself !

After, I know everyone can have their own point of view, I’m just talking from experience (6 years in board gaming, 15 years in video games and 7 years in Minecraft) and common sense. I then let community express their point of view and make a whole about the experiences and opinions, freedom of speech is important to make things go forward.

I don’t want Hive to be like Hypixel. It’s good for trolling videos. I think that they should make it so that the murderer can only change their skin ONCE and that’s it. Either than that, NOOO!! It’s kinda hard already for the murderer since they gotta get real close to the players to kill them. +1 vote for me.

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