Limited Time Monthly Kits

There is already a lot of kit suggestions on the forums, and this number is just going to get bigger. It would be hard to implement all these good kit ideas into the game without receiving serious backlash. Obviously you want to keep the game updated, fresh, new, and engaging, so I have an idea.

Every month, just like how there is a monthly qp costume, a new kit will be added to the game. This kit would only stay around for the month, unless the community really really likes it then you could keep it if you wanted.

Although this would be extra work, this would really keep the engagement levels up.

And if the community really likes this idea and wants more, you could even switch it out every two weeks, or shorter, or longer!

This would create more content for streamers and YouTubers, keep the community playing the game to see the new ltk, (limited time kit,) and keep the game fresh and relevant

Vote if you like the idea! Thanks for reading!


For the first time I read it I thought you were suggesting this. I read it 3-4 times to get my goldfish brain to understand and I think this would be cool feature.


No it’s not that, this is completely free to use

Paying QP for kits seems unfair to me

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You got my vote

I like the idea

maybe hive could do a thing where they vault some kits to add some more, and in a later update they could bring them back

i think it would be a bit of a better idea than just removing a kit completely

Lol I said “ur mom” and the post got removed

If the kit is liked they don’t have to remove it