LikelyBarking - Speed Bridge ft. Alyz

Hive Treasure Wars Music Video:

[My friend and I made this song about hive treasure wars, because we love hive bedrock edition so much. We were wondering if we could film a music video on Hive.]

If a staff member would be willing to help us we would like to have a private server where we could film our music video on the server without random players getting in the way of the film:

[If your a staff member reading this, I ask that you please listen to our song we made and spent time on for our love for the Hive. We really would appreciate it so much if we could get a private server just for a couple hours to film a music video on this lovely server, the Hive. Thank you for reading please let me know if this is possible, and if its not why and maybe we can work something out thank you!]

Hey there! I highly doubt the staff would give you a private server to record. Luckily, private games will be coming with the addition of swarms in the future. I wish you good luck in making your music video! :+1:

@Hlzyzptlk can you close this?


I just want to say something, why does this exist, it’s either Ironic or Cringg


i read the comments before watching but still got curious. I just watched the first 4 seconds and am immediately met with a twerking steve. yeah not gonna watch the rest

The video is just repeated, just listen to the sounds if you want