Leveling System Past 100

So Murder Mystery is currently the only game mode with 100 as its max level, so this is probably only relevant to that game mode, unless other game modes eventually reach level 100 as its cap.

Most people never reach level 100. I’m nowhere close to it (only level 17 .-.). But I’m thinking we can go past level 100 for the players who happen to go that far - and we can do it differently.

I suggest that level 100 is replaced with 1* (1 star). The next level will be 2*, then 3*, etc. until the player passes level 99*. The next level will be ** (double star), which is the max level. I think this could be a good way to avoid players who reach level 100 getting bored and leaving, as well as giving players more motivation to continue to grind and get to that 100 (or 1*) mark. What do you all think?

(Also, new cosmetics don’t need to be available for star levels, but they could be added if it isn’t too much work [even though it is].)

Edit: I’m thinking maybe they can add a super awesome item for reaching 1* and another for **, but not really anything else.

Also an edit: Note that this is not a true prestige system! Prestige is when you restart at level 1 with the same amount of XP needed for each level, but you get bonuses to do it faster. In this system, XP continues to go up (for example, XP needed for 1* is higher than that needed for 99)

This is an interesting idea, but I think that all of this would be shifting too much focus into Murder Mystery, whereas other gamemodes such as Hide&Seek and Deathrun for example, could use a well deserved update or two. I’m not saying that this is a bad idea, I’m only suggesting that a good majority of players would probably never reach level 100 (2 stars), considering the amount of time it takes to reach level 100 in the first place.

As a level 100 player myself, I wouldn’t say that motivation to continue playing is really an issue, since I often find myself playing it quite frequently. Personally, I’m not on board with the whole idea of adding even more levels to Murder Mystery, but if anyone else is in favor of it, I’d love to hear your reasoning. :smile:


Nice idea, but only one problem : How can the level bar contains a star ? From my experience, it can only contains numbers…

This was one of the main issues I was thinking about when I suggested this. They could possibly reset the experience bar to level 1, but in chat and next to their name it would say “1*” or whatever fancy star symbol they want to use.

It’s a solution, but the star not showing in the level bar could very be confusing. Huh ? Where is my star ? Oof, It’s not working :sob:
Plus some players don’t chat, so they can’t see the star that they gained. Some other problems : A player is about to reach Level 1*. He plays some games, and managed to get to level 1*. **Then he noticed that his level bar was reverted back to level 1. Nani ? My level reset ? I won’t playing anymore, I am losing motivation…
So this is why I think this idea could confuse players…

That’s true…

Oh, I have an idea. They reach level 100, and it stops there. Then, the player receives a message saying that if they go to a specific slapper somewhere (maybe at MM lobby) then they can convert it to 1*, or they can keep it at 100 if they like it that way. However, while at 100 they can’t advance until they decide themselves they want to go to 1*.

I think, (from my opinion) that it will too much complicate the game for younger players. I know this system in Splatoon 2 (console game), but on TheHive, it’s more complicate, because the level bar don’t allow stars. This could get extremely confusing.

That’s way too much, level 100 is good enough for the highest possible max level in most mini games.


I agree with @TimePlays15, plus it would be hard to make unlocks for every level until waayyy too much levels.

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Even if there might be Level 101 above, it would be near impossible and it would take more than a week to just reach 1 level especially in MM, plus the grinding will get really tedious and boring here.