Level Requirements Setting

This would be mostly useful for players who stream and have public custom servers on stream. Essentially it would be a setting where you could set a minimum and maximum level to join the custom. Obviously level doesn’t equal skill, but both level and skill are caused by playtime so there is a correlation. Setting minimum and maximum levels could do the following:
Prevent overly sweaty games (as high levels are generally more skilled and take the game more seriously)
Force people to play on their main account (as alts tend to be lower level)
Prevent blatant cheaters from joining and ruining it (as most blatant cheaters get caught before level 10)


Idrk about maximum level, but definetly minimum level

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theres always just kicking them ig

I definitely agree with this and can see it being very useful.

it would make it more discrimative to newer players though

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Yah very true tho. I would still want it implemented tho

I think it’s more hurtful to kick someone than to not let them in in the first place.

And to your second reply so I’m not post farming, the point of the feature would be to gatekeep certain customs. Yes, not wanting to play with lower level players isn’t the nicest thing to them, but that doesn’t mean you should be forced to play with them.


Bump because I was gonna duplicate the suggestion, I love it! :+1: