coins state levels for example you can buy cool particles and effects and also kits that were cool for all games different stuff :slightly_smiling_face: for example the kill is 100 coins and level up is 1,000 coins and in murder mystery collecting coins is 50 coins and having a bow is 70 coins

Can you explain this a little bit more
Like is this a special currency for leveling up in bridge?



I’m sorry are you suggesting a cryptocurrency?


I can’t say that I understand this. This suggestion is for SkyWars: Kits, but you are talking about Murder Mystery and saying leveling up is 1000 coins, which as I understand, you suggest to add a system that you need “Hivecoin” to level up.

For exclusive particles and effects for games, you can just buy bundles, they have unlocks that you can’t have by leveling up.

But still, more info about this suggestion would be helpful.

any idea as it is of Coins to buy Kits, particles, etc would return to the game Pay to Win, those coins would only be used for costumes or things that do not affect or improve your ability,And for cosmetics there are already QP so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Earlier on it said it was for the bridge, I’m guessing op doesn’t realise #anything-else exists

But yeah, I think he’s saying that for getting XP you get coins that you can buy cosmetics and kits with

Basically just hypixel skywars system

Hive already offer bundles by getting a minecoin and purchasing them instead. I personally don’t like dealing with separate currencies around the server especially for kids that might not even understand the mechanics of it.

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