Level 30 max level

Make CTF max level to 30
At level 30 you get a flag costume

Great Idea! Voted! :ballot_box:

isn’t the max level right now like 25? yeah definitely a great idea to increase the level cap by 5 lol

Its level 20 at the moment, it should probably be increased to 50 or something like that still though, 10 level jump feels too small.


maxed level in ctf is 20

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They plan on adding level 100, and prestiging to every game.
They will add in more levels when they are ready, and your suggestions likely wont change any roadmaps or anything,


I think if hide and seek updates their new max will probaly be 100. but i don’t think they’re gonna make 100 games prestigeable right away

dude this has already implemented pretty much, the cap is now level 50, I think I have to tell @Mods to close it now, this is irrelevant now. Have a great day! (: