Level 100 treasure

Hive needs to add level 100 once they do the treasure shouldn’t be some weird hatching dragon egg it should be a giant treasure hoard since the game mode is treasure wars it could have a pile of coins with a sword sticking out and a bunch of golden goblets in gems with the pile of coins. This way it’s actual treasure not a bed or a hatch dragon egg.

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I think the hive said that they were done adding levels to TreasureWars.

Other wise good idea!


imo they should do something for xp but add cosmetics levels later. So like every max or something you get something rare

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They did? Where was that??

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Its not true, they have plans to add up to lvl 100


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Yeah but why would he think that?

I can’t wait for the day murder mystery isn’t the only 100 game. It seems weird that a game like it would be the only one.
Anyways, this belongs in #suggestions , and is an exact copy of another thread you made before this one


"We’ve added 25 new levels to Treasure Wars, bringing the total level count to 100. Additionally, there’s a brand new MEGA map: Plaza.


  • Pickaxe (Level 76)
  • Championship Belt (Level 79)
  • Burger (Level 82)
  • Earth (Level 85)
  • Pizza Stack (Level 88)
  • Emerald (Level 91)
  • Piñata (Level 94)
  • Saturn (Level 96)
  • Beehive (Level 98)
  • King Villager (Level 100)

Bridge Builders

  • Pigeon (Level 77)
  • Strider (Level 81)
  • Biplane (Level 86)
  • Zoglin (Level 90)
  • Rocket (Level 95)
  • Mailbot Delivery Drone (Level 99)


  • Spicy Sparkles (Level 80)
  • Ice Blast (Level 89)
  • Yin Yang (Level 97)

Hub Titles


  • Pirate Bunny (Level 83)
  • Pirate Pug (Level 87)
  • Meowtiny (Level 93)

We hope you enjoy this mini content update! Hide and Seek will be the next game to get more levels and unlocks.

Treasure Wars Content Update