Let’s talk about teaming with the Murderer in MM

Most of us had played MM before and there is a few rounds when an innocent/sheriff teams with the murderer.
In very rare instances we see a 4-7 Innocents teaming with the murderer.
This is one round Was unfair for two things, 5 innocents teamed with the murderer and for some reason the all had skins that were under half the leg and I never saw a skin this small in hive but there were 6 with that skin

Vote for what is ok

  • Teaming is fine with the murderer
  • 1 person or 2 people teaming up with the murderer is ok
  • Everyone should be banned if they team with the murderer
  • 1 is ok but if it’s more they should be banned

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If y’all are wondering why this is in suggestions it’s because vote if you think team related activities should be banned in MM

This doesn’t need to be a suggestion, you can already report for teaming in any game, including murder mystery


They don’t mention it

From playhive.com/rules: Team with other players that aren’t in your team(for things you can’t do)


As mentioned, teaming is against the rules.