Less themes to vote for

I don’t know if it’s just me and I love just build (it’s pretty much the only game I play) but ever since they introduced theme voting I keep getting the same things over and over again and it’s made it a lot less fun. I know the point is to be creative and different but it’s hard when I get “watermelon” every other round. People always vote for the classic “easy” thing in every round, there’s no challenge anymore. Before they introduced this I barely ever got repeats of themes, now it’s pretty much every game.

I suggest having less themes to vote for, instead of 5 have it at 2 or even 3. Having a smaller list means it’s less likely to have the common topics that get voted every time and people are more likely to vote for other things.

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Don’t forget you can vote for your own post. I really like this idea, 2 options plus a random one would be amazing!! So three options in total but the one be random so you wont know what you are voting for. I hope they do that for every game with voting


Welcome to the forums! I agree with DaWhadurMonz. This is a very balanced idea :smiley:


I think a good idea instead would be ‘theme theme voting’, where you vote for a type of theme. for example, you might be able to vote for food or nature, and then after that you’d randomly get given something like banana or flowers. This would still allow players to vote but would eliminate repeat themes and also make it so voting isn’t a guarantee for your favourite theme.


So basically you get a certain category and then you are chosen to build something of/relating to that category


Love the idea :smile:

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