Leaderboard-Wins dont get Count

The bug is in EU, game = Skywars Solos-Dous-trios…
If i get Wins in Skywars it dont shows on Leaderboar. I was playing for ours, and i still have 107WIns, it is on Leaderboard/Skywars/Friends. It dont shows the new Wins and kills…

Device(s) & Version
Laptop Windos 10, Minecraft-Version 1.17.0


Hope someone can help me :frowning:
and i hope that ill get the Wins back…
If there are any Questions, ill awnser them

Hey there :wave:

This issue has been fixed :slight_smile:

Please note that you will need to play a game in order for your stats to be updated on the leaderboards.