Kick Players who AFK in Wars

I got qeued into a game of wars solos today and across like 4-5 matches, found the same 2/8 people AFK. This was okay once or twice but then even after I re queued, there were people who were afk

I didn’t experience this in Sky Wars or any other major pvp game so made this just for tw.

What should we do? Make it like MM where players get sent to hub after some period of time. But ofc, make the timer extended to like 6-7 mins because usually the games end by 14:00 mins or by Sudden Death. Ofc, people who camp/ team or just spend ages tryna kill each other are exceptions. But if suppose, Chaos is afk after he joined a game of Treasure Wars for like 6-7 mins, there should be a system to firstly warn him and then after the given timeline, kick Chaos back to hub

i think they are already trying to add it to all games

Are they? There wasn’t any future updates/ coming soon I saw…

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This Has Been Already Planned :+1:t3:
It’s coming out soon

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Already been planned / Duplicate suggestion