Keep the new maps!

A couple of maps have been released for multiple gamemodes with the Halloween update. They’re going to be removed, but I think they should stay. Team Nectar worked hard on them, so I don’t see the point of throwing them away. Also, other seasonal maps (festive, snowfall, haunted) have stayed, so why not the new ones?

Who said they are getting removed?? They are cool.

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u sure about dat

yes it’s still there but the solo map sucks because it has the duos layout for some reason

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Anikitten said that on the discord, sadly.

Owh, I really like abandoned for mega

Edit: Actually now I hate it, you can’t defend the boss treasure if you’re on red team.

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And Somehow Blue Still Loses


I agree with this. We don’t get new maps often, and since these new maps aren’t permanent it’s just a waste of team nectars resources that could’ve been used for permanent maps.