Keep Ground Wars as a Permanent Game

Ground wars is fun! We want it to stay! :slight_smile:

They said somewhere that they will keep if it’s popular but I can’t remember where.


I thought they said they will remove it, but if it’s popular, then they will remove it later.

From my knowledge it is staying for awhile. :slight_smile:


I mean, twars mega was also an ltm at first, so it can become permanent like mega


But they would need to replace eggs wit something else

I second this.

then you should vote on it

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Going to riot for it🤠

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I don’t think that keeping eggs as the default would be an issue


Also, they need to add more cosmetics and maps, because it have only Egg (snowball) Trail.

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I think they should get rid of trails because it makes things lag when people spam, instead add capes and stuff, anything.


Capes would be neat! :slight_smile:

I believe it’s been said we’d like to keep it at least until the end of summer, so you guys have plenty of time to make it popular enough that it sticks around! :wink:


So, everyone who played Snow Wars had their stats reset when playing Ground Wars for the first time?

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Of course, its an LTM, they do this with every returning one.

The thing is, Snow Wars is essentially the exact same thing as Ground Wars with the main exceptions being that it’s snowballs instead of eggs and the lobby is different.


Ghost Invasion is the exact same game with a small update, but they still did a stat wipe when it returned in 2019

exact same game as…?

He didn’t word it great but I think he meant when ghost invasion came back after October 2018 they did a stats wipe despite the game being really similar