Just Build Warning ⚠️

Add a warning for players the first time they join Just Build

More information:
Because of how many inappropriate builds you find in Just Build, there should be a warning kind of like the warning you get before joining any server for the first time on Minecraft.

text shown before joining server

Instead of a chat warning, its a inappropriate build warning. It is pretty much the same, a proceed button, a back button and a “don’t show this again” checkbox. If you select the don’t show again checkbox and then you want to deselect it, you can do that in toggles.

Thanks for reading.
Seb :blush: .

Little Timmy would love this.


I think it is pretty obvious to not build and whatever else people build but it would still be a good idea.


I already know that even if this was added, it still won’t stop most people from playing just build since they will probably look at the warning, click dont show again, then forget about it a day later.


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I love this idea


Isn’t there already a popup when you join Hive (or any other server)? It’s the one that says “there may be user-created content that has not been rated and may be inappropriate” or something along those lines. But yeah, I mean why not, it would also bring attention to the problem of inappropriate builds anyway.


yeah i think so

Only for the first time logging on.

Thats the only time you need it. Its pretty much implied JUST by the title

That’s when you are entering the server, not Just Build specifically. Also, people just ignore it.