Just build (redstone edition)

This is another version of Just Build.
Its simple: You build something with redstones on the given topic.
You can use decoration blocks to decorate the redstone.
The continue of the game is the same with Just Build.

Do u mean a redstone contraption?

Dont think that will work because redstone doesn’t work on the Hive (pressure plates, etc)
Further, it’d also mean lag in-game, which no one wants

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It should limit pistons moving, dispensers spitting stuff and more that increase the entity count in that specific chunk, to avoid lag machine makers from absolutely bringing the server’s TPS

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Considering that the hive mainly consists of a younger audience, they won’t have too much experience with Redstone contraptions.

maybe have redstone enabled on custom servers?

While this idea intrigues me a lot…, I agree with SmiledCheese. I don’t think this game would appeal to very many players and thus wouldn’t be worth the Hive adding. For custom servers… maybe. There would definitely have to be limits though as things may lag the server. I’m not convinced that this is a good idea to implement. Still thinking about my opinion though…