Just Build Message Reminding People You Can Report

There should be a message that is shown in chat that reminds people that you can report builds. The only messages that we currently get are “Inappropriate builds will result in a ban.” and “Teammate building inappropriately? Use /hub and try Solo!” The first message kind of gives people the impression that inappropriate builds will, for sure, get you banned and that is not the case. I’ve been in many games of Just Build where someone or a duo builds inappropriately and instead of being punished for it, they are rewarded for it because people think it would be funny to give it a good rating and it ends up on the podium. The second message is fine because it encourages people to abandon the teammate who is not following the rules. The first message should be modified or add a third message something along the lines of “Be sure to report players who make inappropriate builds or builds that are off-topic.” This message can appear right before the voting commences, after the timer for the building phase ends or even at the start of the game after those first 2 messaged that we get. There needs to be emphasis on the second part of the message I wrote because a lot of players do not even know that you can report for off-topic and instead they think that the only reason a player can be reported is if the build is inappropriate. There are also way too many games that I’ve been in where someone or a team builds Among Us characters for their build even though there are no themes that fit that and once again, people think it’s funny to give these builds a good rating because the build is from a game that everyone knows & they too end up on the podium. It’s not fair to the players who followed the theme and played by the rules. The Among Us builds are the most common example that I have experienced but obviously it applies to any build that has nothing to do with the theme. I think a message that serves as a reminder that you can report builds for being off-topic would make players more aware that they’re allowed to do that and get rid of people who don’t follow the rules and don’t build something within the theme.


a message in chat saying "Be sure to report players who make inappropriate builds or builds that are off-topic” (and then he rants about Among Us builds).

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Dont be to hard on him he is just pointing out the issues of jb.
I dont really play just build much but when ever i do i see an inappropriate build i report it and the next few game the same guy is still there. I know that the moderation team are busy with other reports so you cant blame them much. Also i have never seen a among us build yet so i cant say much about that.


I was just providing first hand experiences about these issues & as I said, the Among Us builds are by far the most common occurrences of these : )

I’m pretty sure the title of the suggestion said that in the first place

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i know, but what he wrote was a bit long so i just summarised the main idea for people who don’t have the time to read it

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Yes, I personally wasn’t aware that reporting builds was a thing until a few weeks ago. I think it would definitely help with more reporting of builds that violate the Hive’s rules. Definitely have my vote!

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You can report rulebreakers on our Discord Server here: Hive Games 🐝
This also seems to not be a suggestion as well as it is just a reminder to report rulebreakers.

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Won’t do much but still good for players to know.